Sue WhiteParent

My daughter has attended other dance schools, but Fi Steps has offered real value for money, and opportunities that she would not have received anywhere else. We live out of the area, and Millie didn’t know anyone in Fi Steps. Everyone has been really welcoming, Millie has made new friends, and we both feel a part of the Fi Steps family


I have 2 daughters that go to Fi Steps, both with different personalities but both of them really love Fi Steps. They just love to dance and Fi Steps allows them to enjoy all aspects of dancing but more importantly gives them confidence in themselves, whilst they make new friends and have the opportunities of being involved in new experiences, which goes for me too. The atmosphere is always friendly and Fi Steps is truly an extended family to us, and I cannot speak highly enough of all of the members, teachers, students, parents and Fi herself – who all make Fi Steps a fab dance school. Fi Steps, Fi Steps Rock You!

LizzieAge 14

This year will be my 7th show at Fi Steps and I have loved every minute. Also this year I have become an assistant teacher for children age 7-9 and look forward to becoming a teacher is September. Fi Steps has given me so many amazing opportunities; for example on two cruises around the Mediterranean, danced at The Capitol in Horsham and at Disneyland Paris in the Videopolis Theatre and in the pre-parade. Fi Steps has given me the opportunities of a lifetime and I can’t wait to experience even more memories.

MillieAge 15

I have been at Fi Steps 10 years and can not remember my life without it. We’ve all grown up as performers and people, while making friends for life in and outside our classes. I’ve made countless memories and there are even more to come.

AliceAge 17

Fi Steps has offered a variety of opportunities and experiences for a range of ages. I have been at Fi Steps for 7 years and feel I have grown as a person and as a dancer. I have also grown to appreciate the nice aspects of Fi Steps, being family and having fun as well as maintaining professionalism. Fi Steps has served me well for many years and will continue so for many more years to come.

BillieAge 10

Fi Steps is an amazing dance school. It’s just an opportunity to have fun and make friends. We go to amazing West End stages. It’s so awesome!

NinaAge 14

I have been with Fi Steps for almost 8 years and ever since I joined I have loved it. Working with our Fi Steps family inspires me to be the best dancer I can be. Every show has been better than the last and I can’t wait for future ones. We do so much more than just the annual Hawth Theatre show; for instance I have dance in the pre-parade at Disneyland Paris, performed at the Albert Hall and at The Capitol Theatre in Horsham. Fi Steps has given me once in a lifetime opportunities and I am so grateful.

LixieAge 11

I like Fi Steps because it is a good environment to be in and we love doing the shows. There are lots of great opportunities like workshops, going to Disney and going on a cruise. All of the shows are an enjoyable experience.

LeahAge 9

Fi Steps means a lot to me and probably everyone else who takes part in this dancing. Fi Steps is my world every Wednesday, 2 hours that I love in my life. I love Fi Steps and I won’t regret this. So carry on with Fi Steps, we won’t let you down.